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Worldwide Service

We can deliver at every server:
North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic & East, Latin America North, Latin America South, Brazil, Oceania, Russia, Turkey and Japan

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Skin purchases

Besides event loot we also offer skin purchases that is available through the gifting center. Just write down the desired skin and select the RP product

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Best Offers

We strive for the best prices so we can give the League of Legends community what they deserve.

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Secure Payments

All payments and communications are encrypted with an AES-256 bit encryption to ensure safety for both us as supplier and you as customer. We also have a cryptocurrency checkout if you prefer to stay completely anonymous

Release - Free discount?!

Because we just released our website, we wanted to give you as customer something extra’s; automatic discounts if you order above a certain value:

  • €20,00 – €34,99 will give you a 5% discount.
  • €35,00 – €49,99 will give you a 10% discount.
  • €50,00 and higher will give you a 15% discount.

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Dear Customer, Due to transfer disablement and shop upgrades we temporarily have set the products to "Out of stock". We expect to be back soon! If you have an order currently running it will be completed as per usual!

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